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TOPIC: Abbeyard to Bright/Porpunkah

Abbeyard to Bright/Porpunkah 29 Jun 2020 21:53 #32684

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7 of us left Abbeyard Saturday morning, rode down to Schultz crossing and made a unanimous decision that it was way to cold and early to attempt the crossing so we turned around and made our way up walshes. When we got to the top we where missing a tailman, turns out  all was good just a minor problem with his bike  and we were off again.  Not much later we ran into a large  group of riders containing lots of Tyler’s.  After that it was fairly smooth sailing to porounkah  came across one river which was fairly straight forward, everyone held a good pace and we arived for a late lunch in town after 150 kms.

whilst fueling up young Lochie who was our plus one discovered he had lost some teeth from his front sprocket, the plan was for Tim D to point him, Tim  and Myself back along the easy road to dandongadale , however Alex got a flat leaving not enough daylight left for the others to enjoy the  tracks on the way home, once at dandongadale Lochie and I headed  back  via Abbeyard road while the others squeezed in one more track all arriving just on dark with 220 kms.

had a great night, lots of food.  On the sunday the  boys spent a couple hours challenging each other on Alex’s Trials bike, and had a ripper Time. 

Thanks Alex and Tim for leading the ride and  Al.C for tail man. And thanks for bringing the trials bike along, The boys loved it.  They can’t stop thinking of ways they can round up a bit of cash to get there own.
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Abbeyard to Bright/Porpunkah 30 Jun 2020 16:39 #32687

  • Tim D
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I only got the phone out once during the ride, looking down onto Mt Beauty from the power lines at Towonga Gap.
Great day for a ride.

Sunday morning, tree number 12 was annoying Al and giving him grief, so he took things into his own hands!

Almost through and he landed it exactly where he planed, we were impressed.

Staying warm at the fire, the audience for the felling.

Great weekend, good riding but a pity we ran out of daylight. But we did get home in daylight!  Keeping the feet dry was a smart thing at Shultz, they have rum a dozer through it and we weren't sure of the depth. They also have cut down a huge amount of trees along the tracks up there, in particular around the intersections. Ride pace was good and no troubles with the steep ups and downs, Alex being the only one to ace the up, he also said he assed it!

The food Saturday night... Simon-Nachos, Rob-Dimmies, haloumi cheese, BBQ sausage, Alex- Savory scones and later scones with jam and cream. I didn't need a meal!

Sunday the Genset was serviced and the gate was locked at 2:30.
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Abbeyard to Bright/Porpunkah 30 Jun 2020 21:19 #32690

  • alex peacock
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All of the tracks were in good condition the weather was great once the frost lifted. Daylight is a fluid concept and if we were in wa it would have been brighter when we got back ,Robs kabana and David and Megan’s roast beef and veggies wasn’t bad either. I enjoyed watching Tim Simon and Troy on the trials bike their growth in ability and confidence was pretty impressive. Ross put some closers on the pa doors in the shed so no more slamming doors . Thanks for a good weekend
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Abbeyard to Bright/Porpunkah 30 Jun 2020 21:47 #32691

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Yet another great weekend. 

Good riding and good company.
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