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AMTRA rides are conducted using the corner-man system, with every ride having a ride-leader and a tail-main. The ride-leader is in charge of the ride, he determines where a corner-man is placed, the direction of ride, stopping points and what to do when there are problems.

The tail-man is the last rider in the group. He is in charge of sweeping the ride, waving you on, back-tracking missing riders, helping with broken bikes and injuries and also responsible for informing the ride-leader of problems. The ride-leader and the tail-man are often kept in contact via two way radios.

If the ride-leader indicates to you to stop at a corner, it’s the corner-man’s responsibility to point out the direction the ride-leader has taken, typically by pointing your bike in that direction. A corner-man MUST NOT leave the corner until the tail-man arrives and waves him on, irrespective how long he waits.

Once the tail-man has discharged you of your duty, you are free to continue the ride at your own pace.  In this fashion, riders are constantly ‘leap-frogging’ each other, but keeping a continuous chain of direction.

If you are on a ride and think you are lost, stop where you are. If you think you can find your way back to the last place you saw somebody, slowly and very carefully return to that place. Someone will be looking for you, so if you don’t stay put you’ll be harder to find!

All members should behave responsibly at all times. There are other people in the areas in which we ride and most of these people have a poor image of motorcyclists.